We hope you are all enjoying the flexibility that summer brings to the table! We are so honored that your families took a step of faith and enrolled with TCA at Addis for the 2018-19 school term. We are working hard to make next year the best year ever! We will continue to put our TCA families first, and every decision we make as administrators will be to further equip your children to fulfill the plans that God has for their lives.

In an effort to streamline your summer time schedule, we have decided to offer a school supply bundle! Ordering deadline is June 22! These items have been hand picked by our teachers so that your students will have exactly what they need to start the year. You can even purchase the bulk items like paper towels, bandages, and disinfectant wipes right there on the site! It takes about 5 minutes to complete your school supply shopping!

The only items you will need to purchase for your students are lunch boxes and backpacks (no backpacks for grades PreK 3 through Kinder, we will provide a bag for them to use). If you choose not to order a bundle through the school, please contact us for a supply list. 

  1. Visit www.shopttkits.com and use account number 33940 for TCA at Addis.
  2. Select your kits & 1 of each of the bulk items.
  3. Check out – THAT’S IT!

No stores, no lines and FREE Shipping! Ordering deadline is June 22!