New Family Referral Program

Are you a member of the TCA family who’s excited to share your experiences with others? The personal testimony of our current family members has been such a catalyst to our growth that we would like to say “Thank You!”

The NEW Family Referral Program was created to do just that:

  • to say Thank You for seeing the vision
  • to say Thank You for noticing the difference 
  • to say Thank You for sharing

Program Details

TCA Family members will receive a $100 tuition discount for each new student referred, who meets the following requirements:

  • accepted
  • enrolled
  • passed the 90-day probationary period as outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook
  • financial account is in good standing
  • has not previously had a sibling enrolled with .                                                  (must be an entirely NEW family)

The New Family Referral tuition discount will be applied to the referring family’s FACTS account after the above requirements have been met.

In addition, the NEW Family who comes to our school from the referral of a current family will receive a $50 discount on their registration fee, applied at the time of registration.

How it Works

Share your TCA Story with a new family. If they are interested in learning more have them fill out the NEW Family Referral Form and put your name in the “I was referred by” area. Paper Referral Forms are also available in the school office. 

That’s it!

What’s Next?

Once the referral form has been received, someone from the school office will reach out to the prospective family. When the new students meets the program requirements, the corresponding tuition discount will be applied to your FACTS account. 

Referring is EASY!

  1. Share your TCA Story with a new family
  2. Share the NEW Family Referral Form link and have them mention your name.

That’s It!

You get a $100 tuition discount and they get $50 off their registration fee.*

*Read program details (left)

Thank you in advance for sharing your #TCAStory