Financial Timeline and Details

Step 1 – By January 31st

Current Students: Login to your Gradelink account ( and click the Re-Enroll Tab and follow the steps. To Re-Enroll another student switch student profiles by clicking on the child’s name at the top of the screen under “Now Viewing.”

Re-Enrollment cannot be done on the Mobile App.

New Siblings: Click on the “Have a new student to enroll?” link on the Re-Enroll tab, and create an “Enrollment Account” for that student. Log-in and complete the process.

Once Re-Enrollment has been received via Gradelink, an invoice will be sent out via FACTS for $150 per child, due by January 31, 2019.

Step 2 – By April 30th

Annual school fees must be paid in full by April 30, 2019. 

  • Grades PreK-K: Enrichment Fee $250 per child
  • Grades 1 – 6: Curriculum Fee $300 per child
  • Grades 7 – 8: Curriculum Fee $300, Technology Fee $100 per child 
  • Grades 9-12:  Curriculum Fee $150, Technology Fee $300 per child ($150 if child brings quallifying device)

Step 3 – Due by July 1st

FACTS Accounts will be “rolled-over” to the new term by July 1st. Payment plans for the new term will be set up at this time, and FACTS will charge their annual fees.

All TCA Families must have a FACTS account.

Step 4 – July 15th 

In order to receive the 5% Pay-in-Full Discount, tuition needs to be received no later than July 15, before the start of the next school term.

In order to streamline Re-Enrollment we have put together this step by step process. Please contact Heather Younger at [email protected] or (225) 364-3734 with any questions.