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One of the things you will hear a lot around our school is the phrase “TCA Family.” We believe that our role as educators is to come alongside parents and help equip their children to fulfill the calling that God has on their lives. Parents are involved in every step of our process, and we strive to keep the lines of communication clear and open.

We asked some of our parents to say a few words about their experience with TCA last year. We wanted to see if our educational philosophy and Biblical curriculum were having an impact on their lives, and the lives of their children.

Here is what they said:

The Question: Has TCA at Addis impacted your family life this year?

TCA has been the best decision for our family. The school and church community have accepted each of us with open arms and have made us feel at home. This school truly feels like a family and I am so thankful that my family gets to be apart of it!

TCA has impacted my family spiritually and physically. It has also impacted my daughter by providing her with a positive education and learning environment. We are greeted with a hug, a smile or a positive conversation every morning. She has learned great etiquette and has been more eager to read Bible scriptures. TCA has also helped to build her self esteem. Since she has been at TCA, she has gotten better with her organization skills. She has also been very excited about school and never has a problem going. When I drop her off in the mornings, I never have to worry about if she’s being taken care of. The educators there are great! Looking forward to another great year! What really tells it all is when she walks to my car with that great big smile at the end of the school day!

The Question: Have you noticed improvement in any specific area for your child?

I love the fact that my 4 year old is constantly talking about God and always asking questions.  His manners have also changed drastically.  You can’t put a price on Christian centered education! We love


 See You at the Pole

TCA has been a dream come true for my daughter this year. She loved her teacher, the administration, and her fellow classmates tremendously. Not only did she love them but more importantly they loved her and accepted her just he way she is.

My child was brought out of her shy little shell at TCA. The school made her feel comfortable with being herself and encouraged her to be just the way God made her.

The Question: How do you feel about the FACTS Tuition Management payment plan?

I absolutely love FACTS, because it is so quick and easy to use! I am always on the go and it makes life easier being able to pay online at anytime.

There you have it…directly from our TCA Family to yours. If you are interested in enrolling in TCA at Addis click HERE to learn how.

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