High School

What is Blended Learning?


The Christian Academy of Louisiana has chosen to partner with Liberty University’s Online Academy for our high school students. Blended learning takes the best of traditional education and technology to create an environment where students are the best prepared to succeed in today’s marketplace.


  • Students are challenged academically though a nationally accredited curriculum.
  • Upon completion of the course work, students meet or exceed the requirements to receive the TOPS University Pathway scholarships.
  • Students have the option to take college courses in high school (Dual Enrollment Courses) that count for both high school credits and college credits.
  • Etiquette courses equip students to successfully navigate job interviews, formal business meetings, dinners with potential clients or supervisors, and how to dress appropriately for every circumstance.
  • Bible classes, along with the overall curriculum, provide students with a Biblical Worldview that is so desperately needed in our world today.

Curriculums Used:

  • Liberty University Online Academy and Dual Enrollment Courses
  • TCAL Bible
  • TCAL Etiquette