TCA at Addis is all about family time. In fact, one of our core values is being family centered, and #TCAFamily is one of our favorite hashtags. We even organize our school days so that homework is minimized in order to maximize family time.

Many of our families say that before they joined the TCA Family they were spending an average of three to four hours each night on homework! Our parents embrace the TCA policy that homework is an important part of learning that also teachs responsibility. However, we know that quality time spent with parents is even more important.

With less time spent on homework in the evenings, the new struggle comes when we don’t know how to spend that time at home. Do you find that the extra time in the evenings is quickly spent on a TV program, extra tablet time, or more time to tidy up around the house? What if we were intentional about spending that extra time with our families.

In an effort to help capture those vital minutes, and impart a love of learning we are encouraging families to spend a few minutes of that time reading together as a family. There is a great article by Andrea Vinely Jewell who writes for Focus on the Family entitled: The Benefits of Reading to Your Children. Please click on the link and take some time to read the article.

In our fast paced culture time is the most valuable resource. If we are not intentional about how we spend our time, it will vanish right before our eyes. Can you be intentional to spend one hour once a week to read with your child?